Some Kind Words...

I find Mrs. Duda to be an excellent and very competent piano teacher, in many ways. She not only has control of the lesson but she makes it fun and entertaining for my child to learn! I have seen such growth in the time that we’ve been attending lessons with Mrs. Duda. I would highly recommend her for the beginning or advanced student. She is always on time, courteous and respectful. She takes her time explaining more difficult pieces and my child has fun playing duets with her!
— Mary Ann
Mrs. Duda is the greatest piano teacher ever! She makes learning piano easy and fun!
— Lilly
My daughter, Olivia Wright, has been taking oboe lessons from Mrs. Duda for 8 years, starting in 4th grade. According to Olivia, Mrs. Duda is the nicest human being on earth, due to her kindness and patience. She loved taking oboe lessons from Mrs. Duda, and never wanted to miss a lesson or even take a break for the summer. Thanks to Mrs. Duda, Olivia made incredible progress in her skills as a oboe player. She is truly an inspiring teacher, and I highly recommend her.
— Mrs. Wright
My 9 year old daughter Mikayla has been with Mrs. Duda for about a year now and she has fallen in love with Piano. At first, it was just something new to try out because Mikayla was having trouble with reading and spelling and we had read online that children that learn a musical instrument tend to have better learning experience. Flash forward a year and 2 recitals later and I am happy to say that Mikayla has advanced 3 reading levels in the past year which is amazing if you know Mikayla and now possesses the ability to read some sheet music as well. She has spent the entire summer making up songs on the piano and learning ones she already knows by ear. Thank you SO MUCH Mrs. Duda for changing mine and Mikayla’s lives so much in the past year! I can’t wait to see how far she soars this year!
— Taylor
Over the summer my son became interested in piano and I was lucky enough to find Julie through my local library. I was very impressed on the day of his first lesson. She met us with enthusiasm and professionalism. She makes learning for the kids fun with little “treats” as rewards for their good efforts, which I thought was so thoughtful and puts the kids at ease. The students are set up with the proper lesson books for their experience level and she is very well organized. You won’t be disappointed, call the Music Studio today :)
— Nicole
We started going to Julie Duda 2 years ago when my daughter’s piano teacher moved away…and we love her!!! Not only is she a knowledgeable and talented musician, but you can tell she was a classroom music teacher in her “former life.” She knows how to handle children of all ages and is always looking for new and innovative teaching techniques. Going to our lesson is always enjoyable (and fun) for my daughter and she never complains about having to go. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Lori
For the last 5 years, my 3 children have been taking piano lessons from Julie. She has a gift for understanding how each child learns. I appreciate how she understands boys! :) My older son is in college now, but wants to continue learning other instruments. My other son loves music so much. He at 14 years old, wants to study music and is very serious about his future in music and Julie has been helping him move into the next level in that direction. All the time invested in lessons are so worth it, and my children are getting such a good foundation from Julie that will benefit them their whole lives. And...they all have been good in math! Thank you Julie!
— Laura
My daughter has been thrilled with having Mrs. Duda as her piano, and now also, her oboe teacher. Mrs. Duda is warm and encouraging, flexible in her use of teaching methods, modern in her approaches to engaging students, and consistently challenging. It is evident that Mrs. Duda understands child development and knows how to engage kids at each and every level of music education. She is an experienced classroom teacher, former band director and great mom, too! My family feels fortunate to have found Mrs. Duda as a teacher for our daughter! Thank you Mrs. Duda!
— Kerry