Lessons & Attendance

The Fall/Spring Semesters are based on 9-month school year calendar. (September-May)

The Fall Semester will have 13 lessons scheduled per student.
The Spring Semester will have 18 lessons scheduled per student

Please note: The spring semester will span the time of 19 weeks.
There will be one week that the studio will be closed at the teacher’s discretion. (Student’s will be given well- advanced notice of this week that the studio will be closed.)

The Summer Session (June-August) will have lessons that are offered in flexible packages to allow for vacations and time off.
Schedule and pricing for summer session will be available late spring 2020.

There are no reimbursements for missed lessons, and tuition is never adjusted unless the teacher cannot provide the promised number of lessons.

Tuition Payment 


Julie Duda Music Studio accepts Personal and Bank Checks, Cash and Credit/Debit (online Payments can be accepted via “My Music Staff”)

Please be mindful that checks sent to me from your bank MUST be scheduled to arrive at the studio on or before your student’s first scheduled lesson of the month.

Invoices will be sent out one week prior to payment dates.

2019-2020 School Year Tuition is $1,080.00 per student. (September-May)

*Please note that the same amount of time and preparation is given to every students. For that reason, there is no sibling/family tuition discounts available.

This total cost will be divided into 9 montly payments of $120.00 per student.

A yearly, non-refundable $50.00 per student registration fee is due with the first tuition payment in September, or whenever you begin lessons in the studio. (Not to exceed $125 per family.)

Tuition reserves your weekly lesson time slot and studio membership. It also covers the cost of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Lesson planning, preparation/supplies and selection of music for student

  • Studio Memberships for amazing music and games for students

  • Ipads, music learning apps and technology investments students use at lessons

  • Piano tuning and maintenance/purchase of instruments in the studio that are used by the students during their lessons

  • Recitals: Teacher’s time and preparation for and at the event

  • Studio taxes, insurance and studio upkeep

  • Mrs. Duda’s experience and continuing education.

  • ….and MUCH more!


Missed Lessons

In the event that a student misses a lesson, the following alternatives to that lesson time will be available to that student, provided that 24 hours notice was given.  

The only exception to this would be the case of a sudden illness:

Please note:  As my studio grows, I will HAVE to follow this policy strictly.  You can be assured that even if you should miss your student’s weekly lesson, I am continually working for you to enhance your child(ren)’s  music education.

Because specific times are set-aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  I will then use that time to plan for that student’s progress, locate and search new music for the student, etc.  I assure you that I am always working for my students!

FaceTime lessons are becoming a very useful tool for teaching students who cannot make it to a lesson due to a slight illness or weather issues, etc.  Any laptop, iPad or Phone can be used for this and can be a great alternative to being there “live.”  (This Face time lesson would occur during the student’s regular lesson time.)

Video Lessons: Scheduling Conflict?  Too sick to have an online lesson?  I'll record a video lesson and send it to you within 48 hours.

Send ME a short video of you practicing your assigned lesson material 24 hours before a lesson you will miss.  I will then use your lesson time to watch your video, and then send you a detailed assessment of your playing, and what you are to work on for your next lessons.

Phone Conference: Parent’s can give me a call during their student’s lesson time and we can chat about your student’s progress and ways we can all help your student reach their full potential and talk about musical goals that they may have.

Missed lessons due to teacher illness or absence will ALWAYS be rearranged or made up at a mutually convenient time.