Summer in the Studio 2019

Why Summer Music Lessons?


Let’s face it.  If you think about it, you learned so much this past school year!  We don’t stop often enough to reflect on how far we’ve come.  If you really think about the difficulty of music you were playing last fall, (or whenever you started), and the difficulty of music you can play now, you would probably be impressed with just how much you’ve improved in a few months.

Unfortunately, in music, if you do not keep practicing, your skills will start to backslide. Students who do not take lessons over the summer generally need a substantial amount of review once they return to lessons in the fall; taking lessons and practicing throughout the summer months can avoid this.  

On the other hand…it is SUMMER!  No school, longer days and freedom! There is swimming, vacations and time to do absolutely nothing at all!  I totally get that, however I believe that we can combine the relaxation of summer AND continue to maintain and advance every student’s music abilities.

Since summer is less scheduled, there is more time to practice and advance.  We can learn fun music that the students choose to work on.  Kids need a bit of structure in the summer, and music lessons are a great way to do this.

Summer in the Studio 2019

 Weeks of June 10- August 15


(The studio is closed July 1-4 and July 29-Aug. 1)

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