About Julie


Julie Duda is a private music instructor residing in Bethel Park, PA, where she runs an independent teaching studio. She has been teaching music to students of all ages and levels since 1984.

Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK) in 1984. At ORU she concentrated her studies in piano, oboe and flute.

Her 30+ years of music teaching background includes private music instruction, general music classes and instrumental instruction in private schools and children’s choir directing in a local church.

She teaches classical and contemporary music, using the latest innovative piano teaching resources available!

Julie Duda is a passionate music educator, determined to see excellence in music imparted to her students. She desires to see the individual musical gifts in each of her students, developed to the highest level possible, and for each student to discover the joy and life-long benefits of being an accomplished musician!

Mrs. Duda maintains current Pennsylvania Child Abuse History and Criminal/FBI Record Clearances.

Top 10 Reasons to choose Julie Duda Music Studio for your child:

1. A teacher with a Music Education degree and 34 years of music teaching experience. (I learned A LOT about teaching your child music effectively in those 34 years!) I am excellent in teaching the fundamentals of music theory and piano pedagogy, in a clear, understandable and creative way.

2. I will teach your child an activity that is known to increase mathematical and reading skills. This training is an investment, as it can translate to higher grades and test scores and potentially increase college scholarships and earning potential.

3. A teacher who is adept at finding music repertoire that is within each student’s ability to be successful at, and most importantly, that they will enjoy playing. I will even keep your pre-teens and teens engaged with awesome music for them!

4. A teacher who loves music and plays the piano with excellence. (It’s contagious!) I am also proficient on the oboe and flute, and will at times, play these instruments with your child and have them learn to accompany.

5. Student’s lessons will occur in an organized, quick pace. No boring lessons!

6. A teacher who is constantly researching the latest music and music games and activities to engage my students to help them learn. Your student will have fun while learning!

7. Students will learn the “intangibles” of self-confidence, manners and the ability to work through a problem and solve it. Students will learn how to communicate with an adult one on one, and make new friends in the studio. I will be a mentor to my students.

8. There will always be a comfortable, clean and safe environment in the studio. You will feel confident bringing your child to my studio and know that they will never be harmed physically or emotionally. I will be kind to and patient with my students. I will also find varied ways to instruct your child should there be a learning or emotional issue.

9. A business owner who will be honest and fair with their clients. I will never lie to you or deceive you.

10. A teacher who is the mother of 2 young adult boys. I understand that my students are CHILDREN and TEENS, and they need to be treated as such. This studio is everything that I wished MY children had experienced with their piano teacher.