Lessons & Attendance

 I will work with each of my students and their families in order to give them the most convenient lesson time that works for their schedule.  

Parents need to bring and pick up students on time.  Please enter and wait quietly in our family room until the lessons before you have concluded.  Please do not arrive more than a few minutes before your scheduled time so as not to interrupt the previous student, or the teacher's preparation time.

Regular and prompt attendance is required to make appropriate progress. If you are unable to make it to a lesson, please give 24 hours notice or inform me as soon as possible in the case of illness.

Please call or text my cell phone #412-334-1799 to inform me of any changes in your attendance.


    A yearly, non-refundable $25.00 per student registration/materials fee (not to exceed $50.00 per family) is due with the first tuition payment in September, or whenever you begin lessons in the studio.

    The total 2017-18 school year tuition (Sept.-May) for a 30-minute private music lesson is $738.00. Your tuition guarantees that I will be present to teach 32 weeks during the 2017-18 school year and that amount will be divided into equal payments of $82.00 per month, per student.  Tuition is due by the first lesson of every month, September through May. Each family will be given a reminder notice of tuition due the following week on the last lesson of each month.

    A cost of living increase should be expected each new school year.

    Tuition Includes: 

    • My training: (Bachelor of Music Education Degree) and 30+ years of teaching experience. 
    • Time preparing for each student:  Researching and ordering music, emails, texts and phone calls to parents, scheduling, invoicing, bookkeeping, creating fun music games and activities for the students etc. Professional music journals estimate that for every 30-minute lesson, students are actually receiving one hour or more of the teacher's time.
    • Business expenses:  Website development and hosting, taxes and insurance, printing, copying and laminating, special treats, stickers,  learning manipulatives and music apps for students.
    • Lesson Materials:  I provide each student with a notebook for assignments and a folder.  Practice charts, practice challenges, worksheets and warm-ups.
    • A day and time in my teaching schedule:  Time reserved specifically for each student for private one on one instruction.

    Summer Lessons: Will be offered in 4 to 8-week packages.  (Rates will be given for this in the spring of 2018.)

    Missed Lessons: There are no refunds or discounts given for lessons scheduled on the studio calendar that students miss, regardless of the reason.   (Please see attached page for alternatives for missed lessons!)

    Recitals:  Students will have the opportunity to perform their music at our annual Christmas and spring music recitals.  Details on these events will be given as the time approaches.

    Books and MaterialsI will let you know what books are necessary for the student’s progress. I will typically have the books for you to purchase for your student in my studio as needed.  There will be a small cost for sheet music that I download for your student.  The cost for music will be billed to you with your monthly tuition payment.

    Practice Time:  I would like to emphasize the quality versus quantity of time practiced.  However, in order to get good quality practice, a minimum amount of practice time will be assigned to every student and that time needs to be practiced at least five days a week, and recorded in their music notebook.  As the student advances and matures, this requirement will increase.

    Communication:  Please keep in contact with me regarding your child’s progress and practice habits.  Email is my most efficient method of communication.

    Termination of Lessons:  If for any reason, you must stop lessons, this must be done at the end of December, or at the end of May. One-month advance notice of this is needed, and would be appreciated.

    Missed Lessons

    In the event that a student misses a lesson, the following alternatives to that lesson time will be available to that student, provided that 24 hours notice was given.  

    The only exception to this would be the case of a sudden illness:

    Please note:  As my studio grows, I will HAVE to follow this policy strictly.  You can be assured that even if you should miss your student’s weekly lesson, I am continually working for you to enhance your child(ren)’s  music education.

    Because specific times are set-aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  I will then use that time to plan for that student’s progress, locate and search new music for the student, etc.  I assure you that I am always working for my students!

    FaceTime lessons are becoming a very useful tool for teaching students who cannot make it to a lesson due to a slight illness or weather issues, etc.  Any laptop, iPad or iPhone can be used for this and can be a great alternative to being there “live.”  (This Face time lesson would occur during the student’s regular lesson time.)

    Make- Up Week: There will be no scheduled lessons on Jan. 2-6, and May 30-June 1, 2017 on the studio schedule.  These will be the weeks that students can schedule a lesson that they may have missed during the year.  (Limit of one lesson per student, unless time would permit otherwise.)

    Re-Schedule Lesson with Mrs. Duda:  In the case of an unavoidable conflict or emergency, I will make an effort to re-schedule provided there is time in my teaching schedule to do this.  I DO NOT guarantee that I can re-schedule should you miss your regular lesson time. (Please limit asking for re-schedule to one or two times during the school year.)

    Missed lessons due to teacher illness or absence will ALWAYS be rearranged or made up at a mutually convenient time or during the make-up week